Why City Harbour International School?

The most important decision you will ever make is opting for the best school in the best interest of your child’s future. Our school distinguishes itself apart from others. We are a blend of day school with essence of boarding school set in the background of a Naval Base which emphasizes on stringent discipline and compulsory extra-curricular activities as part of academic excellence. It is our aim to instil and nurture good morals and great values in your child while making learning fun and enjoyable. We take pride in fulfilling your requisites which is our promise. Think no more! City Harbour is your school of choice. At a point when demand for holistic education is at its peak among parents yearning a multi-talented scholar, we offer teaching and learning approach that balances the demands of every individuals alongside of those surrounding them. City Harbour International School is set to remain unique with the blend of two atmospheres, a day school with a strong foundation of boarding school concept embedded into its operations. We envision attracting admission of students both locally and regional perspective, from countries within Asia and beyond. This will create a multi-cultural learning environment where it gives better exposure to students to learn and appreciate regional and international cultures while promoting acquisition of foreign languages which would be useful and come in handy near future. The international setting makes learning fun where students practice tolerance and acceptance of one another, cultivating great moral values in them. In a nutshell, we at City Harbour International School advocate diversity in whatever we do to remain relevant and committed to all our stakeholders!

Our Emphasis

  •    Stringent Discipline
  •    Creative Thinking
  •    Essential Human Values
  •    Thinking Out of the Box
  •    Academic Excellence
  •    Co-curriculum Merit
  •    Foreign Languages
  •    Developing Talent
  •    Dedicated Educators
  •    Safety, Security & Staying Healthy