We are very proud of our students and their own personal achievements. Now let's hear from our parents.
The fact that a child enters a dormitory is a great learning experience, and it also makes adjusting easier when they go abroad and in real life
Mrs. Honda (Japan)
I found City Harbour is a platform for my child to further education here or overseas. Choosing City Harbour is mainly because of the curriculum and the ethos of the school. Students learn to work in teams on their own and also develop a sense of independence.
Ms. Loges (Malaysia)
Several sports and Outward Bound School activities attracted us to send our son to City Harbour International School. My son decided to leave Tokyo to gain English skills for higher education and we are happy to find City Harbour as they provide a one-to-one coaching.
Mrs. Hashimoto (Japan)
I like the school’s environment and their facilities, the first being the safety I am very concerned my children’s safety.
Mrs. Kandhimadi (Malaysia)
As for me, I think this school – City Harbour, is a good fit for my daughter because of the environment that comes with high level of security.
Mr. Nazriq (Malaysia)
My daughter learns and explores as much as she possibly can with her friends. The school is open and invites parents often for all activities
Mr. Fikri (Malaysia)
This school focuses on outdoor activities as well as academics and we love the education method, which is why we decided to send our children here to City Harbour International School
Mrs. Yee (Malaysia)
I send my children to City Harbour International School because for me, has qualified teachers, and my children love the studies and the different sports practices. They love it very much and look forward to school.
Ms. Laydiane (Brazil)
The forward thinking approach & teaching where they let the child explore the areas of their interests is one of the main reason why I’ve chosen this school for my son. They also emphasise on a variety of outdoor activities where there’s hardly any dull moment for the child in school. The clean environment with excellent security is definitely a plus point for choosing CHIS.
Dr Diong (Malaysia)
My daughter has bloomed at the Nursery class. She is growing into strong independent. She looks so happy engaging with her friends. Thanks to her teachers and to the principal for giving so much care and attention. Management staffs are very kind. I am so glad we chose City Harbour International School.
Mrs. Sreekanth (India)
I send my daughter to chis because it offers a holistic education focusing not only on academic result but also in child’s emotional , intellectual and physical development to nurture a well - rounded individual .My daughter is more confident now and is able to communicate with people.
Dr. Chua (Malaysia)