CHIS is a blend of day school with essence of boarding school emphasising stringent discipline, and compulsory extra-curricular activities to complement academic excellence. We boast academics that extend beyond the classroom. We advocate the notion “one student, one sport” making participation in sports mandatory although we encourage our students to actively participate in multiple sports and extra-curricular activities throughout their schooling journey. Apart from being academically acclaimed, we trust in character development of every student, inculcating moral values that lead to good citizenship.

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1. Where is City Harbour International School?

City Harbour is located in the south-western corridor of Perak in the district of Manjung.

2. What syllabus does the school use? Do they provide international examination certificate?

The school offers UK National Syllabus or the Cambridge curriculum. During Year 6 and Year 9, the students will sit for Cambridge Checkpoint Exam and Year 11 will sit for IGCSE ‘O’ Level Exam. Students will have an option to sit for ‘A’ Level during Year 12.

3. When does the new Academic Year start? Does the school accept enrolment anytime?

The school’s academic year starts from January to December. It has 3 terms which normally start in January, May and September. Since the students are coming from different background, the school practices the rolling application, which means that the school accepts new enrollment anytime.

4. Does the school provide English courses or English support programme?

Yes, the school provides an ‘Intensive English Programme (IEP)’ which is designed to support students who need to develop further fluency and competency in English

5. Does the school provide after school activities?

The school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities. It is a part of our school’s philosophy to encourage our students to get involved in all that we have to offer and to try new activities and sports like swimming, squash, tennis, football and etc.

6. Does the school provide boarding facilities for the students?

Yes, City Harbour Hall of Residence is available for students aged from 10 and above.

7. Does the school process the Student and Guardian Visa?

Yes, the school helps the parents and students to submit their applications for visa.

8. Do you provide transportation for students?

City Harbour has contracted van/bus companies to connect students from different areas of Manjung district to the school.