City Harbour International School

City Harbour International School (CHIS) is set to be ‘the’ prestigious international school in the south-western corridor of Perak in the district of Manjung. We are proud to extend a complete solution to international education ranging from pre-school to pre-university. Set to be distinct, CHIS is a blend of day school with essence of boarding school emphasizing stringent discipline, and compulsory extra-curricular activities to complement academic excellence. We boast academics that extend beyond the classroom. We advocate the notion “one student, one sport” making participation in sports mandatory although we encourage our students to actively participate in multiple sports and extra-curricular activities throughout their schooling journey. Apart from being academically acclaimed, we trust in character development of every student, inculcating moral values that lead to good citizenship.

Our Curriculum

City Harbour International School offers world-class holistic learning program to all its students which focuses on academic, social, physical and emotional growth.

The City Harbour Difference

Education is a Gift of a Lifetime that parents give to their children. At City Harbour International School, we inculcate on Lifetime Holistic Learning among our students through a blend of academic focus with stringent discipline and compulsory extra-curricular activities as part of academic, social, physical and emotional excellence.
City Harbour International School is set to remain unique in making our students a multi-talented scholar through a seamless blend of Academic focus along with STEM education, ICT Programs, Experiential Learning Techniques as well as Out Bound Activities and Sports. At City Harbour International School we prepare our students for the future!
Academic Focus
Experiential Learning
Outbound Activities
S.T.E.M Program
Sports for Fitness
ICT Program